Mission #3 — Building from the ground, up!

FGGB is proud to announce that we are serving as a Legacy Sponsor for Habitat for Humanity of Broward’s most recent project—the construction of a new home for a local mother and her three children. What really sets this family apart is that the mother is hearing impaired and two of her children are physically disabled (one deaf, and another suffering from cerebral palsy). Habitat Broward is starting construction of a home that has been specially designed to meet the needs of the local family. We are extremely grateful to get involved! We will be aiding the entire process—helping with the interior framing of the home, building a mailbox , designing and planting a garden, and much more. Once completed, we will even have the privilege of presenting the Williams Family with the official key to their home in a heart-warming home dedication. The ground-breaking will take place on November 20.

“FGGB been an amazing learning experience for me but it has completely changed my view on volunteering in the community along with learning the steps needed to make a non-profit run effectively. Yes, joining FGGB will look extremely good for college however, I guarantee you will get more out of FGGB than a simple resume builder. Joining FGGB allows you an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, collaborate with other likeminded ladies, plan & attend fundraisers, potentially hold a leadership position, and most importantly change the lives of others.”

Oliva Berrios, Junior Board President

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