Mission #1 — Accomplished

Believing that every child deserves a safe space to call their own, Florida Girls Giving Back (FGGB) teamed with the 2015 Habitat for Humanity family sponsored by Surfacelogix. With a teenage girl and two boys in the family, FGGB provided an afternoon excursion to Bed, Bath, & Beyond, allowing each child to select bedding and décor for his or her bedroom. For the teenage daughter, in particular, this included decorative candles, a vanity mirror, wall hangings and a comfy bedding ensemble. Helping each child select their very own room theme, the FGGB girls provided approximately $800.00 worth of items, yet the ultimate value was the smile on the family’s faces.

“FGGB been an amazing learning experience for me but it has completely changed my view on volunteering in the community along with learning the steps needed to make a non-profit run effectively. Yes, joining FGGB will look extremely good for college however, I guarantee you will get more out of FGGB than a simple resume builder. Joining FGGB allows you an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, collaborate with other likeminded ladies, plan & attend fundraisers, potentially hold a leadership position, and most importantly change the lives of others.”

Oliva Berrios, Junior Board President

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