Girls on a Mission for a Mission

Apply October 1st – November 30th 2018

Help Tomorrow’s Girls Today.

Florida Girls Giving Back are a group of Broward County girls 8th to 12th grade who joined together to make a difference, and we give “girl power” a whole new meaning.

Our vision includes more than creating our own futures – it involves creating a future for girls who need our help. We take a girl-centric approach to positively impact underprivileged families and youth in Broward County.

We know that we are fortunate to have the opportunities we have in our lives. We also know that it’s our responsibility to give back to our community. That’s why we’re here. We believe that everyone should have the resources and necessities needed for a prosperous life.

We are Florida Girls Giving Back and we invite you to join us and be apart of our journey of giving back!

Our Founding Story

Florida Girls Giving Back Founding Members

Several years ago, our parents created a nonprofit focusing on alcohol and drug abuse for local adolescents. When this organization ended, the excess funds were used to create Florida Girls Giving Back, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization. We originally met thanks to a father-daughter outing, and it opened our eyes to a whole new vision of what the future holds. Eleven girls ranging from 13-18 years of age said YES and got involved with the goal to make Broward County a better place!

Founding Members missing from Picture:  Bella Menendez and Lauren Rawson

“Not only has FGGB been an amazing learning experience for me but it has completely changed my view on volunteering in the community along with learning the steps needed to make a non-profit run effectively.  Yes, joining FGGB will look extremely good for college however, I guarantee you will get more out of FGGB than a simple resume builder.  Joining FGGB allows you an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, collaborate with other likeminded ladies, plan & attend fundraisers, potentially hold a leadership position, and most importantly change the lives of others.”

Maya Berry, President, Florida Girls Giving Back

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